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  1. why isn’t life what I thought….isn’t what I do comes secondary after my thought therefore if I didn’t think I wouldn’t do?


  2. that is a good question Sasha. i am always thinking my own life is going in one direction, and then one person, or one word can change everything i thought prior. now i try to look at life as this, if i am leading the life i feel that is right for me, then i have to pass over the other persons thoughts if they are not upbeat. no one lives our lives better than we ourselves, right? no one has walked in our shoes. we are who we are, and we never truly wish to be like another human, because they most likely have flaws that we don’t want……


    • but there are also so many people who wish they were someone else because of their own faults…don’t they?
      I agree on one note that we are constantly distracted from living our lives by someone or something we HAVE to do and this is fair enough but without the ability and thoughts about this something-we-have-to-do we wouldn’t be suitable for the job…so it’s us on a first place that allows us to get distracted and get off the initial direction (and I don’t mean direction as good or bad) we just choose a new direction which is still us and still our lives…


      • the problem with most of us is we are never satisfied. we forget that God made us perfect, in the way we are. we need to accept us for who we are and quit wishing for what we can not have. sure we can buy new make-up or get a new hair do, but i am talking the big stuff. bigger homes we can’t afford, expensive cars, others mates, all kinds of body make-overs. we are never satisfied, but yet in god’s eyes we are perfect, we fit in this world for exactly the work he wants us to do and complete


      • wow, in my eyes I’m not perfect and I don’t care what God thinks but I will make myself a better person first of all for the sake of others around me and me, of course…God has nothing to do with this – he is, as far as I’m concerned, does not wish you to have bigger houses though some of us do and good for them if that’s what they want…credit cards let you have bigger houses, not God…following your logic health care and corrective (I didn’t say plastic) surgery and abortions should be banned too…


      • Sasha, I have nominated you for the blogger award!


      • i like the way you look at yourself. you say you will better for the sake of others. i wish so many thought like you. today it seems as if people just don’t care so much about others


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