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Blogger Award

Today, I was surprised to see that I had been nominated for The Blogger Award. It was given to me by


This new blogger is very recently added to my followers list, but from what I have read so far, I am going to enjoy these postings very much! She is full of energy and uplifting in her days, and we all know that I always grab a hold of uplifting people in my life, so it is very nice to meet her. Please feel free to check out her new web site!

You are to pay respects to the one who nominated you.

Say seven things about yourself.

Make new nominations to other blogs.

Seven things about myself

I miss having a garden to work in

I miss cooking for a bigger family, now down to two people

I love dining out

I love staying up late

I hate getting up in the mornings

We have a new kitty named Cali, a calico.

For nominations I would like to choose


Sasha Ashikhmina

Scott Sholar

Cynthia Bigrigg
cynthiadiane.me x

Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

Thank you again for this wonderful award!


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